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We are proud in Wide Vesion to release our new product Waynkon™

Waynkon™ is a cloud based service to track school buses; it consists of three main components:

  • Web-based Management Dashboard
  • Mobile Application for Drivers
  • Mobile Application for Parents

Based on the concept of simplicity we did our best to satisfy peace of mind and the feel of control and finally came out with this product which is light, direct to the point and easy to use by both schools and parents. Nothing to worry about:
  • No need for hosting costs
  • No need for a special hardware
  • No need to handle the security issue
  • No need to integrate with any pre-installed system
  • No maintenance hassles

Just add buses, parents and start tracking. With Waynkon™ no more complaints to get about bus delays. Now you can:
  • Track your fleet
  • Let parents track their kids' buses

Stay in line with technology, and make your customers feel safe and privileged.

Wide Vesion provides a white label transactional logistics information management system designed to track inventory and supply chain movements for products and facilities.

Wide Vesion inventory management system (WVIMS) is a real-time inventory web-based application capable of connecting multiple stores. This can be used to track the inventory of multiple warehouses and to manage the distribution of stock between several stores of a larger franchise. However, the system merely records transactions and restocking data and provides indications for low stock at any location at a specified interval.

  • WVIMS provides a historical record of inventory transactions. This data is invaluable to accurately understand and forecast demand for future planning periods
  • WVIMS allows you to set inventory max, min, and reorder points. This allows the user to quickly assess if supplies are overstocked, at appropriate stock levels, or in danger of being out of stock if not reordered soon.
  • WVIMS allows you to record the movement of goods from multiple sources and across different levels of the organization:
    • From central warehouses to your facility depot
    • From other facilities to your facility depot
    • From vendor warehouses to your facility depot
    • From one warehouse to other warehouses within your network
    • From your facility depot to stores and shops within your facility
  • Record serial numbers for items that require lifecycle management (including assets such as computers, routers, goods, products, etc.)
  • Upload and manage documents for each product (e.g. data sheets, product manuals, hazardous material handling requirements).

Before to committing substantial resources to a project, often clients want more information on potential obstacles.

Wide Vesion has unique experience serving in this type of recon role. We can quickly identify potential hot spots, prepare a detailed feasibility report, and provide preliminary estimates of both cost and time.

Wide Vesion has IT network professionals familiar with all types of operating systems and heterogeneous networks.
Clients utilize our services to help them design, install, and manage their IT infrastructure.
Many clients even outsource their entire offices' IT support services from Wide Vesion.

People are the number one resource in every organization, so planning a company's future means taking into account the needs and expectations of the people who make up the company.
To gain an understanding of people at your company, we engage in a number of strategies to learn your company culture, and when we plan for the future, we keep the present in view.




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